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10 years of researches, 10 years of developments, 10 years of experiences

BAYAB INDUSTRIES is specialized in study, development, assembly
and sale of new processes, robots and equipment
linked to accurate abrasion machining

BAYAB INDUSTRIES is the continuity of JEDO TECHNOLOGIES R&D department created in 1987. During the last 10 years, a unique knowhow had been developed regarding abrasive water jet blind machining, working as well on the theoretical aspects (2 internal doctoral theses), on processes (many studies and customer prototype machinings were proceeded) and on equipment (machine designs and manufacturing).
Industrial-sector permanent-evolution requires narrow relationship between principals, who know needs, and small businesses, which have got great technological innovation capacities. BAYAB INDUSTRIES claims itself in this scope and tirelessly develops its expertise in accurate abrasion machining (Sandblasting, composites and hard metal blind-machining, acoustic perforation…).

BAYAB INDUSTRIES addresses to high technology mechanical industries, in particular aeronautic and maintenance sectors. BAYAB INDUSTRIES specially strives in composite repair machining since 10 years with laboratories, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft OEMs and MROs. In this industrial and technological adventure, BAYAB INDUSTRIES is proud to present REPLY.5, the first worldwide portable robot dedicated to composite material repair machining.
REPLY.5 and its unique process, retained by AIRBUS for A350 fuselage repair, are qualified for in service repair (SRM) and manufacturing repair (AIPI/AIPS). In parallel, BAYAB INDUSTRIES keeps developing in order to offer innovative products for aeronautic, wind energy, nautical, train and automotive industries.


La Revolution for composite material


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Certification constraints and composite use growth make necessary the automation of repair machinings.
OEMs and MROs require new means and invest in performance, quality, simplicity and environment.

In the coming 15 years, flying composite material weight will more than double. This evolution will inexorably lead OEMs and MROs to rectify their industrial model. Especially composite repair tools need to be adapted in order to maintain aircrafts into operational conditions. Repair machining, manually done until then, has to be automated to increase reproducibility and reduce down times.
Maintenance teams will have to increase their workforce. Knowing that highly skilled technician trainings are long and awkward, new tools and methods must increase composite repair performance and reduce machining time. Bonded repair, added to bolted one is a long awaited relevant solution. But its certification from institutional organizations (EASA, FAA, CAAC…) is slow down because of 2 critical and variable steps: machining and bonding.
Machining must particularly be automated to increase quality (accuracy and reproducibility). These repair machinings are now being done by highly skilled technicians who often manage the whole repair mission. Already having strong responsibilities and many skills to master, a new automated tool must exhibit simple ease of use. In addition, manual sanding or conventional composite machining generates clouds of carbon dust harmful to human and electrical components.

Abrasive water jet blind machining guarantees higher quality than standard manual processes or conventional machining solutions. REPLY.5 secures a ply machining with a tolerance lower than 0,05mm whatever material variabilities or shape.

REPLY.5, it is more results in less time for a better performance. The full operation is 3 to 9 times quicker than manual way.

REPLY.5 is equipped with a patented effluent skimmer that drives out all carbon dust. It favors a wholesome atmosphere for human and technical environment.

REPLY.5 guarantees an automation with a maximum of simplicity of use and constant depth working; this means it does not need to know the shape of the part to machine. So the head is only driven by 2 axis to manage simple or double curvatures parts, concave or convex ones. Programming becomes then very simple (no need for deported CAD/CAM). And REPLY.5 is portable (by 2 persons), independent (no lifting device) and transportable (fits into an LD3 container)

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1st onboard machining robot worldwide

A new way to consider

composite materials

An innovation, a new tool, a new horizon

REPLY.5 is portable abrasion machining machine. It is the only handy system (<50kg) adapted to composite repair machining. It is composed of a portable machining robot linked to a mobile ground station unit thanks to a 15m-long umbilical. The whole system is controlled by touch screen handheld terminal

REPLY.5 est une machine portable d’usinage par abrasion
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The robot is a 2-axis mechanical system driving machining and controlling tools on a 500x500mm² surface. A glazed hood is assembled onto it and gives you a large access to the machining area

Its design with aluminum frame and carbon composite panels makes it light and strong. Rubber corners will damp chocs and protect parts to repair. It moves an abrasive waterjet head equipped with an effluent skimmer that locks in and sucks water, sand and composite dust. A patented controlling system will allow you to take and analyze pictures to create a mapping of your machining result in ply unit. The robot is docked on parts thanks to 3 vacuum cups. They are adjustable in order to fit the part to machine.


REPLY.5 is fully controlled with a touch screen pad, designed to withstand industrial environment, integrating emergency stop and enable (dead-man) buttons

Tough and ergonomic, it embeds an independent interface specially developed that includes CAD, CAM, PLC managing, maintenance and controlling functions.


The Ground Station Unit integrates all systems needed to drive the robot (CNC, High Pressure pump, vacuum cleaner, vacuum pump…)

Powered by single phased electricity, compressed air and tap water, the GSU can integrate a retractable working bench and a 1µm filtration system that will allow you to manage your effluent by continuously sorting water and solid waste. When it is not used, the robot and all machine components can be stored inside the GSU. It is made of a stainless-steel frame and all parts and systems that are exclusively assembled on our shop floor, are designed for heavy duties.
For more safety during transport phases, the GSU can also be stored into a wooden transport box designed to fit into a unit load device.
Console de Reply.5 sortant de sa boîte de transport. Bayab Industries
Robot Reply.5 dans sa console. By Bayab Industries
Reply.5 on its ground station unit


The turnkey solution

Ready for market requirements

REPLY.5, it is not just a machine, it is the usage done with it. So BAYAB INDUSTRIES proposes an offer allowing to run this new tool at best of its capacities.

Consumables made and qualified to insure result reproducibility
Maintenance to keep your machines into an optimal operational condition
Support and training to optimize the use of your machine
Adaptations to your specific needs and processes
Francois Cenac
President and CTO
Graduated from INSA CVL of Blois (generalist engineering diploma), from Ecole Centrale Paris (dynamic structure and interlinked system research master) and from University of Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (mechanical engineering PhD upon abrasive water jet machining material mechanic). R&D manager of JEDO Technologies during 10 years, he initiated abrasive water jet blind machining scientific development, author of many papers and co-author of Machining Composites Materials publication edited by Wiley-ISTE. He created REPLY.5, in relation with aircraft manufacturer, while thinking of composite repair. In 2016, he created BAYAB INDUSTRIES society and bought the business line he was managing.
Richard Bourguignat
Previous R&D Industrialization manager of JEDO Technologies. Specialized in plastic and composite proceedings from its engineering diploma of ISPA (Institut Supérieur de Plasturgie d’Alençon), his experience is built upon 10 years of managing industrialization projects of new manufacturing process in such competitive sectors as automotive and packaging.
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Inventing, developing and qualifying new industrial concepts require much patience, tenacity and diligence. These are the price, and our pride, for initiating technological breakthroughs

More machines with more adaptability

While answering quality requirements, the automatization contributes to improve working conditions. Machines do not replace human job, they are their extensions

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